The much loved poem by John Keats rings in our hearts here at Deans Place as Autumn really is a beautiful season to enjoy our glorious setting. The colours around the gardens are a pallet of gold, red and orange which is reflected inside with the warm glow of the log fires, leading us forward into winter and the change of the clocks.

The clocks will be going backwards on Sunday 29 October at 2am giving us all the treat of an extra hour in bed on the last Sunday of the month.

It was Benjamin Franklin who first suggested the idea while in Paris in 1784. He argued that if people got up earlier, while it was lighter, it would save on candles.

The idea arrived later to the United Kingdom after a builder called William Willett, agreed that this so called daylight saving, was a good idea. interestingly enough William Willett was Coldplay singer Chris Martin’s great-great-grandfather, who had a hit record entitled “Clocks”!

In 1907 William Willett published a leaflet called “The Waste of Daylight” encouraging the public to get out of bed earlier to make the most of the days light while the nights draw in.

This was discussed by the government in 1908, but many people didn’t agree and it wasn’t made a law at that time. Willett campaigned throughout his lifetime and tried to convince the public and the government of his idea however, it was sadly only introduced in the United Kingdom in 1916 which was a year after he passed away. His daylight saving has now become synonymous with autumn.

Over the past weeks here we have been witness to such beautiful autumnal skies in the mornings and evenings, creating a wonderful canvas to the brightly coloured Virginia Creepers that cloak part of the main building and the flint wall that surrounds the outdoor swimming pool. With such a generous Indian Summer we have been gifted with it has been wonderful to see guests enjoying the outdoor pool well into autumn!

As the nights draw in, and we look ahead to the delights that the next few months bring, we would like to share with you our ever popular start to the festive season here in Alfriston; the Lighting of Deans Place Hotel’s Christmas Tree on November the 16th which this year will be again in aid of the fabulous Alfriston Primary School and also St Wilfreds Hospice.

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall” Oscar Wilde.