Autumn Colour Scheme Posted October 11, 2017


Autumn is a beautiful time of year. Despite the inevitable sadness of saying goodbye to summer that we all feel come September, the vibrant colours and crisp air that accompany autumn make it a wonderful season and a perfect one to get married in! Yes, the weather may be cooler, but an autumn wedding will allow you to incorporate all of the season’s natural hues into your celebrations.

As we wave goodbye to the trend of having two set colours as your ‘wedding colours’, we ring in the newer concept of having a whole colour scheme for your wedding instead. This allows you to explore a wider colour palette, as well as meaning that all your décor won’t be horribly ‘matchy-matchy’.  You’ll also get to take advantage of the full spectrum of rich, lovely colours that autumn has to offer!

But of course we understand that it can be a bit daunting to work with such an array of colours and make them all work for your wedding décor, which is why  The Wedding Secret have come up with some handy ideas for how to get started…

Start with a colour palette

There are so many seasonal colours to bring into your autumnal wedding celebrations, from rich mauves to deep greens, burnt oranges, and even bright pinks. With so much choice, it might be difficult to select just a few to focus on working with, so we suggest starting first and foremost with a main colour. This will be your most frequently occurring, so choose something bold (and, obviously, something you like).

Then move on to an accent colour. This will be something brighter to throw in here and there around your décor and even on your wedding invitations. With foil accents being so popular now, some great ideas for accent colours are metallic like gold, rose gold, or copper. These colours, especially rendered in foil, will make your other colours pop.

Once you’ve got your main colour and your accent colour sorted, you can start building from there. Choose calmer, more muted colours that won’t clash with your main or accent colours, although they don’t have to match, either.  Toned-down greens, oranges, and blues are great for autumn nuptials.

Make a statement with your invitations

Your wedding invitations are your first opportunity to set the tone for your wedding and to make it clear what your colour scheme is going to be. While traditional embossed invites with pretty black script calligraphy are lovely, this is too good a chance for you to bring in your colour scheme for you to pass up!

For something subtle, maybe add a foil border with whatever metallic colour you’ve chosen as your accent colour. Alternatively, you can go bolder with your main colour as either the background or text colour. You can even get envelopes in the colour of your choice. There are so many other options now, though, so take a good look at the possibilities and discuss your colour scheme with your graphic designer if you’re using one.

Let your flowers reflect the season

One major advantage of getting married in the autumn is the fact that nature already plays such a huge role in the character of the season, making choosing your flowers (hopefully) much more straightforward. Discuss your chosen colour palette with your florist so they can create arrangements that reflect your colours nicely, using plenty of seasonally-available flowers.

To really showcase the season through your floral motifs, though, don’t be afraid to incorporate some – or plenty – of the beautiful foliage that appears between September and November. Allow your florist to get creative, bringing in plenty of greenery to enhance your bouquets and centrepieces. You could also consider incorporating pine cones and even fruit into your flowers!

Mismatch your bridesmaids

The days of all of your bridesmaids having to wear the same dress are – thankfully – on their way out. Instead, the mix-and-match bridesmaids trend has well and truly arrived. It’s here to save you from having to decide on one colour, and all your bridesmaids from having to wear a dress that they’ll inevitably hate. The beauty of this trend is that it allows you to incorporate the full spectrum of your colour scheme, reflected in your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Allow them to each choose one of your colours that they particularly like and have them get the same (or similar) dresses, but each in their colour of choice. You can also have them all pick completely different dresses altogether, but have them all the same colour or different shades of the same hue. This looks great in photos, is bound to keep your bridesmaids happy, and is a great way to incorporate your full autumnal colour scheme.

Make your table layouts stand out

Table layouts at weddings all too often look exactly the same. Chairs covered in white fabric with some kind of coordinating ties are arranged around a round table covered in white linen, with some colour coordinating flowers plopped in the centre. Does this mean your tables have to fit the mould? Absolutely not! For more information on wedding table plans, take a look at The Wedding Secrets recent article on the subject here.

Autumn being a colder time of year is the perfect excuse to incorporate candelabras as warming and elegant centrepieces, adorned with floral arrangements reflecting your colour scheme. You can also mix and match those boring chair ties, alternating with different colours from your chosen palette.

Want to make the place settings themselves more on-season? Use acorns or even pieces of branches sprayed with metallic paint to prop up name cards. If you’re planning on putting your favours on the tables for your guests to find, you can also incorporate your colours into those by having some custom chocolate bar wrappers made in your colours, or design custom labels to put on mini liquor bottles (just to name a couple of possibilities).

Feeling inspired?

We hope this has given you plenty of ideas so that you can start putting your autumn wedding colour scheme together with confidence! Remember to have fun with it; this is a perfect opportunity to add vibrant pops of various colours throughout your wedding décor and is sure to contribute to making your wedding day the beautiful and memorable occasion it deserves to be.

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We look forward to celebrating with you!

Autumn Wedding Colour Scheme